Dog Training: Creating a Solid Foundation for Your Dog

What Will I Learn?
  • To create a solid foundation in your dog so you’re successful when teaching basic obedience and real life skills.
  • No pre-requisites or materials are required for this course, though we ask students to be willing to change the way they interact with their dog(s) on a daily basis.

Before a dog learns commands such as “sit,” “stay” or “come,” a foundation of self-control, problem-solving skills and expectations must first be laid.  This is akin to teaching a child the alphabet before teaching her to read. Effectively laying this foundation increases the speed at which a dog learns, as they are more in tune with their handler/leader.

This course will demonstrate to students the appropriate way to use positive dog training techniques to begin training a dog.  Students can expect to learn how to be positive, confident and effective leaders, and will learn how to teach dogs problem-solving skills and self-control, which will in turn build the dog’s confidence and help him to work through distractions in the real world.  Students will also learn how to appropriately reward a dog, and how to use consequences that do not cause fear or harm to a dog in any way.

No materials are required for this class, though students may want to practice the techniques they learn with their own dog(s).

This course can be completed in less than 2 weeks.  Ideal students will have an open mind about positive training, and are those who own, foster or work with dogs in any way.  Lessons taught in the course can be used in home or professional environments, and techniques can be used with most dogs.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is best suited for students who own or work with dogs in any way (boarding, daycare, foster care, rescue, etc.), and students who would like to learn more about positive training techniques. This course does not endorse or teach aversive techniques (shock/pinch collars, fake bites, etc.). No prior dog training experience is required to take this course, which is why dog owners will find this course beneficial.


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