Dog Training – Become A Professional Dog Trainer

What Will I Learn?
  • Start a dog training business
  • Expand your dog training business

  • Have fun training dogs for a living

  • You will need some have some hands on practical experience having trained dogs in the area you would like to focus your business on
  • A computer with internet access

Become a dog trainer today: Updated September 2016.

Updated March 30th 2016.

If you have ever wanted to work with dogs professionally this video course may be for you. If you are passionate about dogs and helping people, you have found the perfect video course. This course was produced for two types of people.

  • The passionate dog lover who wants to do something they love for a living.
  • The dog trainer who is struggling financially.

We cover a lot of topics including:

  • What you will need to get started.
  • Zoning
  • Lawyers
  • How to do a dog/client evaluation
  • How to impress potential clients
  • Choosing a business name
  • Social Media and marketing
  • Personal development
  • How to work less and make more income!

Reasons you may want to become a dog trainer:

  • You can’t take one more day in your job.
  • You want to help people and dogs.
  • You want to make a great income doing what you love.

In this course you will find a client contract, client evaluation form and more to get you started!

Who is the target audience?
  • This video course was made for people who want to start a dog training business
  • This video course was made for people who own a dog training business and are struggling financially
  • This video course was made for dog lovers who want to work with dogs for a living


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