Walk Yourself Wealthy – The Dog Walker Business Course

What Will I Learn?
  • After this course students will know the marketing strategies needed to make their dog walking business a success
  • This course will suit anyone running or just thinking about starting a dog walking business

Is it possible to launch and grow a profitable dog walking business from day one?

Yes, it is! and in this course Dom Hodgson, the UK’s Leading Pet Business Coach will show you how.

Who  is this course for?

If you are new to dog walking and you are failing to attract the type of high-quality (and high-paying) clients you know your dog walking service deserves, or, you are an established dog walking business who is struggling to stand out from the ever increasing competition then this course is for you.

The pet service sector is booming but the market is becoming saturated. Competition is everywhere and increases every month. The harsh truth is if you want to make serious cash from your dog walking business then you need more than just some poo bags, a Facebook page and a van.

This course will teach you the five marketing secrets you must master if you want to charge outrageous prices for your amazing service and still have clients queuing at your door.

You will discover;

  • How to charge premium prices without losing clients and have dog owners beating down your door to use your services.
  • How to legitimately market yourself as the ‘celebrity’ dog walking expert in your town. No more wasting hours each day messing around on Facebook. That isn’t marketing.
  • How to use your personality in your marketing to push away tyre-kicking price buyers and attract only the best clients, who are a perfect fit for you and your business.
  • How to easily stand out from the competition by having a signature service that is unique to you. No other dog walkers in your town will have the confidence to do this.
  • How to wrap a ‘velvet rope’ of exclusivity around your business and irresistibly pull ‘affluent’ clients towards you like a magnet (so you can make more money working fewer hours).

In this course you will learn the same marketing secrets that turned my little dog walking business in Sunderland into the UK’s number-one dog adventure company. Now you can do the same!


Who is the target audience?
  • The course is perfect for dog walking business owners who want to make more money from the job they love.


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