Dog Care Guide to train an happy pet

What Will I Learn?
  • Know how to raise an happy and balanced dog
  • Face the principal behavioral problems and solve them to better the relationship with the dog

  • Solve dog training problems like housesoiling, destructive chewing, excessive barking, digging, home-alone problems ( separation anxiety), leash reactivity to other dogs, the recall.

  • Prevent heat stroke in your dog and learn how to deal with it
  • Learn the First Aid vet to help your dog if it’s necessary
  • You don’t need special skills to join this course

It happens sometimes that the initial enthusiasm for taking a puppy in the house with you, it’s soon replaced by the fear of not succeeding, not to be suitable for this task so daunting.

Maybe because you are full of doubts, maybe because it’s your first dog.. but the questions in your head are many and the answers are few…

So the idea of this Dog Care Guide.

My purpose was to create a manual for the owner that could have been useful during the entire life of his dog.

I’ve collected many of the questions that the owners ask me every day and made a video for each of them, giving pratical solutions to problems.

This course will offer simple solutions for the most common dog behavior and training problems, :

– housesoiling

– destructive chewing

– excessive barking and home-alone problems (and separation anxiety),

– leash problems

– not coming when called

In this course, you will find, in addition to all the behavioral notions about the puppy, building a good relationship, also a very important part on dog behavioral problems and obedience.

We will guide you into the world seen by a dog, helping you understand how to deal and solve the problems helping your dog to become a good friend.

You will also find an important part on First Aid Vet to learn how to deal with emergency like CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation).

To keep us in contact, I also created a group of this course called “Udemy Dog Care group” where you can make questions, exchange opinions, and enjoy the valuable content posted every day only for you . Don’t forget to join it !

Who is the target audience?
  • Everyone who wants to better his relationship with his dog
  • Everyone who wants to raise his puppy as an healthy and happy dog
  • Everyone who wants to solve his behavior problems with his dog
  • Everyone who’s interested in learning more about dog psychology, obedience, behavior problems, first aid vet.


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