Crucial Concepts in Dog Behavior & Training

What Will I Learn?
  • Train a dog to motivated and reliable when off-leash, distracted, and/or at a distance, all without the continued need for any training aid.
  • Understand the five reward-based training techniques.

  • Reduce and eventually eliminate reliance upon training tools like leashes, collars, halters, harnesses and especially food as a lure and reward.

  • Motivate your dog using life rewards, interactive games and other behaviors and activities that your dog enjoys.
  • Quantify your dogs learning and use differential reinforcement to increase speed and precision.
  • Correct misbehavior using non-aversive punishments such as: Specific Redirection (SR), the DogCon system and Repetitive Reinstruction until Compliance & Repeat for immediate response following a single command (RRC&R).
  • Empower secondary reinforcers (e.g. kibble) with huge amounts of value.
  • Use Differential Classical Conditioning (DCC) to train dogs to enjoy the presence of specific stimuli without inadvertently reinforcing reactivity.
  • Use the Jolly Routine to eliminate dog reactivity and aggression.
  • Use the most powerful tool in dog training: your voice!


  • It’s helpful to have a dog that you can train using the concepts presented in this seminar.

This online seminar consists of six hours of video lecture by renowned animal behaviorist and dog trainer, Dr. Ian Dunbar. It has been approved for 6 continued education credits by the IAABC & NADOI (CCPDT credits have been applied for).

This course contains a collection of concepts that range from common sense to cutting edge. The one thing they have in common is that they are all crucial for developing a solid understanding of dog training and behavior. This course is perfect for anyone that wants to understand how to raise a well-trained companion dog, or anyone that is interested in learning more about how to better train their current dog.

Much of the seminar deals with motivating your dog by making training into an enjoyable activity that functions as it’s own reward, thereby eliminating the continued reliance on training tools and food lures.

Of course, dogs don’t always do what we want, so much of this seminar also focuses on how to correct misbehavior. By redirecting our dogs to appropriate behaviors we not only stop them from misbehaving, we also ensure that they are doing the right thing, all without pain or fear.

Almost every dog will, at some point, develop a phobia or reactivity problem so it’s also crucial that dog owners and trainers understand how to quickly and easily address these issues. Differential Classical Conditioning, the Jolly Routine and the use of Secondary Reinforcers can quickly resolve these problems.

Cuối cùng, Tiến sĩ Dunbar sẽ giải thích một ý tưởng có ý nghĩa chung, nhưng ngày càng trở nên tiên tiến trong thế giới ngày nay của việc huấn luyện chó quá mức và cơ khí. Anh ấy sẽ cho bạn thấy làm thế nào để biến giọng nói của bạn thành công cụ mạnh mẽ nhất trong đào tạo chó.

các đối tượng mục tiêu là ai?
  • Khóa học này là lý tưởng cho bất cứ ai quan tâm đến cách thức học chó và cách tốt nhất để đào tạo chúng. Nó rất thích hợp cho các chủ sở hữu chó, huấn luyện viên chó và các chuyên gia chó khác.

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