Dog Training Archive

(FREE) How to Install Underground Dog Fence (Easy Way) Master Class

What Will I Learn? Be able to install dog fence Requirements ,Screwdriver, wire stripper Description In this course will be going over how to

(FREE) How to introduce your dog to your new baby.

What Will I Learn? Introduce your dog to your new baby Be proactive and prepare your dog to meet your new baby Learn how

(FREE ) Puppy Raiser Course for Retrieving Independence-nonprofit

Requirements There are no prerequisites for this course. Description This course is designed PRIMARILY for VOLUNTEERS of Retrieving Independence, a non-profit that partners with

(FREE ) Dog Training: Train your dog to walk on a treadmill.

What Will I Learn? Confidently train your dog to walk on your treadmill Exercise your dog indoors Troubleshoot common issues people meet when training

( FREE )Adiestramiento Canino – Introducción al clicker training

What Will I Learn? Conocer los principios básicos del entrenamiento canino en positivo utilizando el clicker Utilizar apropiadamente la técnica del luring para enseñar

Dog Owners & Professionals: Where To Go From Here?

What Will I Learn? Change the world of pet dogs for the better Ensure every dog gets the education they deserve Requirements No knowledge

AKC Rally Master Class

What Will I Learn? Handlers will learn how to correctly perform the AKC Master exercises and how to teach the exercises to their dogs.

Dog Training: Creating a Solid Foundation for Your Dog

What Will I Learn? To create a solid foundation in your dog so you’re successful when teaching basic obedience and real life skills. Requirements

Beginner Puppy Paw Art Painting with Fun Dog Bonding Games

What Will I Learn? Detailed video demonstration creating paw art from start to finish with two different dogs Create one-of-a-kind paw art easily with

Dog Training – Become A Professional Dog Trainer

What Will I Learn? Start a dog training business Expand your dog training business Have fun training dogs for a living Requirements You will

Dog Training – Puppies – A-Z Guide To Puppy & Dog Training

What Will I Learn? Know what to look for when choosing a good breeder. Recognize the characteristics to look for when choosing the right

From Puppy To Dog Training

What Will I Learn? Determine if owning a dog is the right thing for your family Choose the right dog for your family Enjoy

Inside Your Dog’s Mind with Victoria Stilwell

What Will I Learn? Gain a thorough understanding of the canine mind and develop tailor-made training plans and communication techniques to enrich the relationship

Science-Based Dog Training (with Feeling) – All 3 Days

What Will I Learn? Learn how to raise the perfect puppy Learn how to socialize and housetrain a new puppy Gain a fundamental understanding

Reliability and Games 2-Day Dog Training Workshop

What Will I Learn? Approved for 12 Continued Education Units from the CCPDT, IAABC & NADOI Receive a Certificate of Completion (Optional – available

Dr. Ian Dunbar’s SIRIUS® Dog Trainer Academy – All 4 Days

What Will I Learn? You will learn to manage and promote a dog training business. You will learn to use games and quantification to

Growl Class – A Workshop Demo for Reactive Dogs

What Will I Learn? Objectively assess the severity of a dog’s fighting based on a Fight:Bite ratio that examines actual damage done Provide prognoses

Crucial Concepts in Dog Behavior & Training

What Will I Learn? Train a dog to motivated and reliable when off-leash, distracted, and/or at a distance, all without the continued need for