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Old Dog Care: A-Z Tips to take care of your senior dog

What Will I Learn? Ways to manage a dog suffering from age related health problems both indoors and outdoors How to identify if your

8 Tips To A Healthier Dog

What Will I Learn? Learn about a different option to pay for your Veterinary bills. Learn about the benefits of pet health insurance. Understand

Rock Your Dog’s Diet Crash Course

What Will I Learn? Dog nutrition tips and strategies to immediately implement to optimize their dog’s health and longevity. Requirements You must love dogs!

Natural Dog Nutrition & Wellbeing – Nature Knows Best!

What Will I Learn? Understand the principles of natural feeding for dogs and how to apply it to your pet. Identify common offending ingredients

Dog CPR, First Aid + Safety for pet pros + dedicated owners

What Will I Learn? Exceptional lectures by a licensed veterinary technician on warning signs about your dog’s health Detailed video demonstration on cutting your

Dog Care Guide to train an happy pet

What Will I Learn? Know how to raise an happy and balanced dog Face the principal behavioral problems and solve them to better the